Monday, February 6, 2012

The Looking Glass Wars

First of all, her name is spelled "Alyss" and she is the rightful heir to Wonderland. But. Alyss's evil aunt, Redd, is trying to take back the throne for herself.

When Redd tries to kill Alyss, like she did her parents, the Royal Bodyguard, Hatter Madigan, saves her by jumping into the Pool of Tears. And that's when the real story begins...

This book is a MUST READ! It is definitely a page turner. Frank Beddor did a fabulous job of describing  characters and scenes. He also did great with twisting perspectives of both the characters and the readers!

So, if you like fantasy, wars with cards, action and maybe a little bit of romance, you should absolutely read this book!

 -K. Ellis

Genre: Fantasy, novel
Reading Level:  grade 6-8

This book is absolutely for the adult reader as well. I was captured in from the beginning. My favorite character is Hatter Madigan. You will love it. :)

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