Monday, January 30, 2012

Bridge to Terabithia

This was the first book that tore my heart out, wrapped it around this book and never let it go. When I picked it up to review it that tightening of my heart started all over again. I debated if I was in a place to reread it right now. I am not.

But all that heart wrenching does not take away from the love that I have for this book. I read it as a child, I read it a few years ago and probably a few times in between. The last time I read it I was crying my heart out at the end. But I had the overwhelming feeling of "this is why I love to read". I truly wanted to write the author and tell her the difference she has made in my life. That's what books can do for you. Take you some place else, make you feel things you never knew you would, allow you to experience things you may not otherwise.

I don't just read a book, I feel the book. The people in my books become my friends and I am a bit sad when I finish any book. I become so a part of there life's. It is a bit of a curse because I struggle to separate myself from the feelings. I read, feel, and experience every book I read. Obviously some more than others.

This book is about Jess Aarons and Leslie Burke who become unlikely best friends. Together they create Terabithia. A secret kingdom in the woods where they are king and queen. This is where their imaginations have no bounds. Tragedy strikes and one of them has to deal with this loss.

This is a very easy read that will leave you feeling deeper for those you love. Don't skip this one, it is a MUST read. Disclaimer: this book is not in the rainbows and butterflies category.
Youth, grade level 4-7
genre, classics
Author, Katherine Paterson
Winner of the 1978 Newbery Medal

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