Monday, April 16, 2012

Self Image Awareness

I am blessed with some fabulous people in my life. Two of  these fabulous people happen to be  my close friends and my go to photographers. Jenny Tanner and Marvett Smith, check them out.
Marvett started a Self-Image journey with her daughter, I was very inspired. She started with a friend of ours then on with my girls.
We already had a photo shoot with Jenny coming up and thought it could only be made better by inviting Marvett to come and play with us. Here are the AMAZING images captured by these two very talented women. I love them both. And every one of these girls.

Hair by: Me of Saloon Hair

The girls were challenged to pick their own words......
Funny, Smart, and Strong

(photos by: Jenny)

I Can 

(photos by: Jenny)

Strong and Kind
(photo by Marvett)

(photos by: Jenny)


(photos by Jenny)

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