Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Continuous Atonement

Photobucket"Christ doesn't just  make up the difference.
 He makes all the difference."

This is one of those books that affects you differently depending on where you are in your life. It lifts, gives hope, and motivates.  I thought the best way to review this book would be to give you some excerpts that I highlighted this time around. This book should be read over and over again. It offers valuable insights about God, Christ, and our relationship with them.

"When we're tempted to give up, we must remember  God is long-suffering, change is a process, and repentance is a pattern in our lives.

"This life is the time to prepare to meet God, but we still have eternity to learn to be like Him."

"Christ's sacrifice is not just to make us free from the grasp of sin and death, but to make us sacred. The Atonement is not just to cleanse, but to complete; not just to comfort, but to compensate; not just to liberate, but to lift."

"The ultimate is not seeing Him, but having Him see His countenance in us."

"The highs and lows let us know we are participating and not just observing, learning and not just existing."

Author: Brad Wilcox
Genre: Inspirational

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